How much would it cost to make...

I do not have a set rate for commission work. It is quoted on a project by project basis. You will need to contact me for a full quote. Please be sure to include all the information that you can in order for me to give you a more accurate quote. Here is a list of information to include about each type of illustration needed in the project.

Is this illustration going to be Black & White, Greyscale or Color?
Keep in mind that a "color" image can be made into a Greyscale, but not vis-a-versa. Also, unless specifically requested a Color image cannot easily be converted into true B&W.

What size should the finished illustration be, in inches?
Is this for print or the web? What resolution do you require? What should the dimensions be in height and width?

Do you have an existing sketch?
100% of the time a sketch (no matter how poorly drawn you may think it is) will assist in creating a map. At the very least it starts as a jumping off point or a point at which I can ask questions and get more details and clarification.

Is there any existing artwork that it should resemble?
For example, sometimes you may have commissioned artwork of the outside of a building, but you are asking me to illustrate the interior as a map and it's useful to see what the building actually looks like.

Do you have any specific fonts that will need to be used?
In the finished files I usually leave the text on a separate layers so you can make any last minute modifications as you see fit.

Does it need to match any particular style?
This project may be part of a particular brand that has a pre-defined look-and-feel that the illustration will need to match. Or perhaps there is a particular style or theme you have seen that you want this to be reminiscent of.

I have never run late on turning a project in on time. In fact I am usually far ahead of schedule. Plus I have done "many" rush jobs for publishers that need something at the last minute. I will always do my best to give you a realistic time frame on the turnaround of any project.

Please email me at or use the contact form for any questions.